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What structured group activities are effective at improving interpersonal functioning (social skills) for people with complex psychosis?

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Interpersonal and social skills (recommendations 1.8.4 to 1.8.6)

Based on the committee's experience, structured group activities need to be offered daily in inpatient settings and at least weekly in community settings to be effective, and people should have choice in what they do. Although there was no evidence on peer-supported activities, committee members had found these to be effective and agreed they could be an option.

Structured group activities are routinely provided by rehabilitation services, but the evidence base is fairly limited. The committee thought that more specific detail on the structured activities, and their efficacy, could help further inform practice. They therefore made a research recommendation on structured group activities.

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Rehabilitation for adults with complex psychosis
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August 2020

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Last Reviewed 01/08/2020