NICE's advice programmes consists of a range of products that are either based on NICE guidance or involve a critical assessment of relevant evidence. However, these products do not have the status of formal NICE guidance, and do not contain new NICE recommendations.

NICE evidence summaries

Summaries of the best available evidence to inform local NHS planning and decision-making, for selected new medicines, off-label use of licensed medicines and unlicensed medicines.

Find out about:

  • how we help commissioners, budget holders and groups make informed decisions on the introduction of key new medicines
  • how we summarise the best available evidence for selected licensed medicines being used off-label or unlicensed medicines
  • how we review the evidence for the clinical effectiveness of medicines.

More information

Our process guide sets out how we select topics and prepare the summaries.

Evidence summaries: process guide

Advice listing

Key therapeutic topics

'Medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics' summarises the evidence-base on topics identified to support medicines optimisation.

Local government briefings

Advice for local government on the public health actions that are most effective and provide best value for money.

Medtech innovation briefings

Objective information on device and diagnostic technologies to aid local decision-making by clinicians, managers and procurement professionals.

IAPT assessment briefings

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services provide evidence-based therapies to people with anxiety, depression and medically unexplained symptoms. We assess digitally enabled therapies which offer the potential to expand these services further.