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Guidance, NICE advice and quality standards in development
TitleTypeExpected publication date
Acute kidney injury: prevention, detection and management - Assessing risk factors for acute kidney injury in adults having iodine-based contrast mediaNICE guideline
Adrenal insufficiency: identification and managementNICE guideline
Asthma: diagnosis, monitoring and chronic asthma managementNICE guideline
Bipolar disorder: assessment and management (extraordinary review)NICE guidelineTBC
Breast cancer guidelinesNICE guidelineTBC
Cardiometabolic disease prevention and treatment guidelinesNICE guidelineTBC
Chronic heart failure in adults: diagnosis and management - Pharmacological treatment of chronic heart failureNICE guidelineTBC
Diabetic retinopathyNICE guidelineTBC
Early and locally advanced breast cancer: diagnosis and management - Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and ovarian function suppression (update)NICE guideline
Endometriosis: diagnosis and management - diagnosing endometriosisNICE guidelineTBC
Falls: assessment and prevention in older people and people 50 and over at higher risk (update)NICE guideline
Fertility problems: assessment and treatmentNICE guideline
Harmful gambling: identification, assessment and managementNICE guidelineTBC
Kidney CancerNICE guidelineTBC
Lymphoedema: prevention and management in people with early, locally advanced, and advanced breast cancer (update)NICE guidelineTBC
Maternal and child nutritionNICE guidelineTBC
Menopause: diagnosis and managementNICE guideline
Mental health guidelinesNICE guidelineTBC
Osteoporosis: risk assessment, treatment, and fragility fracture prevention (update)NICE guidelineTBC
Overweight and obesity managementNICE guidelineTBC
Pneumonia: diagnosis and management (update)NICE guidelineTBC
Rehabilitation for chronic neurological disorders including acquired brain injuryNICE guideline
Suspected sepsis: recognition, diagnosis and early managementNICE guideline
Suspected sepsis: recognition, diagnosis and early managementNICE guidelineTBC
Type 2 diabetes in adults: management (medicines update)NICE guideline
Urinary Tract Infection (recurrent): antimicrobial prescribingNICE guideline
Women's and reproductive health guidelinesNICE guidelineTBC

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