3 Equipment

3 Equipment

3.1 Tell patients to wash their hands and clean equipment, such as face masks, mouth pieces, spacer devices and peak flow meters, regularly using washing-up liquid or following the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

3.2 Tell patients not to share their inhalers and devices with anyone else.

3.3 Tell patients they can continue to use their nebuliser. This is because the aerosol comes from the fluid in the nebuliser chamber and will not carry virus particles from the patient. Find out more from UK government guidance on COVID-19: infection prevention and control.

3.4 Do not offer nebulisers to patients unless clinically indicated (see the NICE guideline on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in over 16s).

3.5 Advise patients currently receiving non-invasive ventilation at home that these are potentially infectious aerosol generating procedures, and they should take appropriate precautions such as: