You can now comment on this draft scope. The scope defines what the guideline will (and will not cover.

The consultation closes on 11 October at 9am

How to comment

1. Register your organisation

Your organisation needs to be registered as a stakeholder before we can accept comments.

Not eligible? Contact the stakeholder organisation that most closely represents your interests and pass your comments to them.

We can accept comments from individuals. These will be considered, but you won’t get a formal response and they won’t be posted on the NICE website. Wherever possible we encourage you to submit your comments through a registered stakeholder organisation.

2. Read the consultation documents

Background documents


3. Make your comments

You will first need to sign-in to your NICE account to comment. 

We are piloting a new system for collecting comments.  There are several levels at which you can comment on the draft scope:

  • Select “comment on this document” to make a general comment on the draft scope.
  • Click one of the speech bubbles next to a heading or sub-heading to comment on that specific section.
  • Select some specific page on the text and click the “comment” bubble that appears once you do.
  • If you want to review your comments, click “open comments”.

Once you have finished making all your comments, click “submit comments”.

These instructions also appear on screen as you review the document, and further help can be found by clicking the “how to comment” guide at the top of the screen.

If you have any concerns about using this new system, please contact us at

You must declare any links with, or funding from, the tobacco industry.

If you share similar views with another registered organisation, send a joint response.

Deadline: 11 October 2021, 9am

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