Questions you might want to ask about preoperative tests

Questions you might want to ask about preoperative tests

These questions may help you discuss preoperative tests with your nurse or doctor.

  • When will I have my preoperative assessment?

  • Can you tell me more about the tests you've offered me?

  • Why have you offered me these particular tests?

  • Can you explain the benefits of the tests you have offered me, and if there are any possible harms?

  • What do these tests involve?

  • Where do I need to go for my preoperative tests?

  • How long will it take to get the results?

  • How will I find out the results of my tests? Who will they go to?

  • What does it mean if any of the tests show problems?

  • Could the test results affect whether I can still have my surgery as planned?

  • What would it mean for me if I choose not to have these tests?

  • Please can you give me some written information about preoperative tests or tell me where to find out more?

More information

The patients and relatives section of the Royal College of Anaesthetists website has more information about getting ready for an anaesthetic. You can also go to NHS Choices for more information.

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