4 Implementation

4 Implementation

NICE guidance can help:

  • Employers in businesses of all sizes, in the private, statutory and voluntary sectors, to improve the health of their employees. Improved employee health and wellbeing may lead to reduced sickness absence and increased productivity among the workforce.

  • NHS organisations meet DH standards for public health as set out in the seventh domain of Standards for better health (updated in 2006). Performance against these standards is assessed by the Healthcare Commission and forms part of the annual health check score awarded to local healthcare organisations.

  • NHS organisations, social care and children's services meet the requirements of the DH's 'Operating framework for 2008/09' and 'Operational plans 2008/09–2010/11'.

  • NHS organisations, social care and children's services meet the requirements of the Department of Communities and Local Government's 'The new performance framework for local authorities and local authority partnerships'.

  • National and local organisations within the public sector meet government indicators and targets to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

  • Local authorities fulfil their remit to promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of communities.

  • Local NHS organisations, local authorities and other local public sector partners benefit from any identified cost savings, disinvestment opportunities or opportunities for redirecting resources.

  • Provide a focus for children's trusts, health and wellbeing partnerships and other multi-sector partnerships working on health within a local strategic partnership.

NICE has developed tools to help organisations implement this guidance. For details see our website.