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Published guidance, NICE advice and quality standards
TitleReference numberPublishedLast updated
clonoSEQ for minimal residual disease assessment in multiple myeloma, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and chronic lymphocytic leukaemiaMIB278
CerebAir for continuous EEG monitoring in intensive careMIB279
Paige Prostate for prostate cancerMIB280
24/7 EEG SubQ for epilepsyMIB277
OrganOx metra for liver transplantMIB275
Carnation Ambulatory Monitor for ambulatory detection of cardiac arrythmiasMIB276
Colli-Pee for first void urine collectionMIB273
PLASMA system with button electrode for electrovaporisation of the prostateMIB274
MMprofiler for prognostic risk classification in multiple myelomaMIB270
Patient Status Engine for wireless monitoring of vital signsMIB271

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