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Published guidance, NICE advice and quality standards
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Point-of-care creatinine devices to assess kidney function before CT imaging with intravenous contrastDG37
Rapid tests for group A streptococcal infections in people with a sore throatDG38
Therapeutic monitoring of TNF-alpha inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritisDG36
Lead-I ECG devices for detecting symptomatic atrial fibrillation using single time point testing in primary careDG35
Tumour profiling tests to guide adjuvant chemotherapy decisions in early breast cancerDG34
Biomarker tests to help diagnose preterm labour in women with intact membranesDG33
Adjunctive colposcopy technologies for assessing suspected cervical abnormalities: the DYSIS colposcope with DYSISmap and the ZedScan IDG32
Atrial fibrillation and heart valve disease: self-monitoring coagulation status using point-of-care coagulometers (the CoaguChek XS system)DG14
Tests in secondary care to identify people at high risk of ovarian cancerDG31
New generation cardiac CT scanners (Aquilion ONE, Brilliance iCT, Discovery CT750 HD and Somatom Definition Flash) for cardiac imaging in people with suspected or known coronary artery disease in whom imaging is difficult with earlier generation CT scannersDG3

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