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Published guidance, NICE advice and quality standards
TitleReference numberPublishedLast updated
Digital technologies to deliver pulmonary rehabilitation programmes for adults with COPD: early value assessmentHTE18
Digital health technologies to help manage symptoms of psychosis and prevent relapse in adults and young people: early value assessmentHTE17
ProKnow cloud-based system for radiotherapy data storage, communication and management: early value assessmentHTE5
Digital technologies for delivering multidisciplinary weight-management services: early value assessmentHTE14
Digital technologies for managing non-specific low back pain: early value assessmentHTE16
Digitally enabled therapies for adults with depression: early value assessmentHTE8
Digitally enabled therapies for adults with anxiety disorders: early value assessmentHTE9
Virtual reality technologies for treating agoraphobia or agoraphobic avoidance: early value assessmentHTE15
Artificial intelligence-derived software to analyse chest X-rays for suspected lung cancer in primary care referrals: early value assessmentHTE12
Artificial intelligence technologies to aid contouring for radiotherapy treatment planning: early value assessmentHTE11
Guided self-help digital cognitive behavioural therapy for children and young people with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety or low mood: early value assessmentHTE3
Genedrive MT-RNR1 ID Kit for detecting a genetic variant to guide antibiotic use and prevent hearing loss in babies: early value assessmentHTE6
Point-of-care tests for urinary tract infections to improve antimicrobial prescribing: early value assessmentHTE7
CaRi-Heart for predicting cardiac risk in suspected coronary artery disease: early value assessmentHTE4

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