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Published guidance, NICE advice and quality standards
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Balloon cryoablation for Barrett's oesophagusIPG682
Balloon cryoablation for squamous dysplasia of the oesophagusIPG683
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for auditory hallucinationsIPG680
Deep brain stimulation for refractory epilepsy in adultsIPG678
Implanted vagus nerve stimulation for treatment-resistant depressionIPG679
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for obsessive-compulsive disorderIPG676
Electrical stimulation to improve muscle strength in chronic respiratory conditions, chronic heart failure and chronic kidney diseaseIPG677
Artificial iris insertion for acquired aniridiaIPG674
Artificial iris insertion for congenital aniridiaIPG675
Intravascular lithotripsy for calcified coronary arteries during percutaneous coronary interventionIPG673
Cyanoacrylate glue occlusion for varicose veinsIPG670
MRI-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy for drug-resistant epilepsyIPG671
Selective internal radiation therapy for unresectable colorectal metastases in the liverIPG672
Bilateral cervicosacropexy (CESA) or vaginosacropexy (VASA) using mesh for pelvic organ prolapseIPG669
Fetoscopic prenatal repair for open neural tube defects in the fetusIPG667
Open prenatal repair for open neural tube defects in the fetusIPG668
Reducing the risk of transmission of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) from surgical instruments used for interventional procedures on high-risk tissuesIPG666
Balloon dilation for chronic eustachian tube dysfunctionIPG665
Irreversible electroporation for primary liver cancerIPG664
Midcarpal hemiarthroplasty for wrist arthritisIPG663
High-intensity focused ultrasound for glaucomaIPG661
Bioprosthetic plug insertion for anal fistulaIPG662
Implant insertion for prominent earsIPG660
Low-energy contact X-ray brachytherapy (the Papillon technique) for locally advanced rectal cancerIPG659
Endovascular insertion of an intrasaccular wire-mesh blood-flow disruption device for intracranial aneurysmsIPG658
Transurethral laser ablation for recurrent non-muscle-invasive bladder cancerIPG656
Ultrasound-guided high-intensity transcutaneous focused ultrasound for symptomatic uterine fibroidsIPG657
Valve-in-valve TAVI for aortic bioprosthetic valve dysfunctionIPG653
Reinforcement of a permanent stoma with a synthetic or biological mesh to prevent a parastomal herniaIPG654
Cardiac contractility modulation device implantation for heart failureIPG655
Percutaneous insertion of a cerebral protection device to prevent cerebral embolism during TAVIIPG650
Percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy for acute deep vein thrombosis of the legIPG651
Bronchoscopic thermal vapour ablation for upper-lobe emphysemaIPG652
Therapeutic hypothermia for acute ischaemic strokeIPG647
Collagen paste for closing an anal fistulaIPG648
Percutaneous mitral valve leaflet repair for mitral regurgitationIPG649
Endoscopic ablation for an anal fistulaIPG645
Endoscopic ablation for a pilonidal sinusIPG646
Radially emitting laser fibre treatment of an anal fistulaIPG644
High-intensity focused ultrasound for symptomatic benign thyroid nodulesIPG643
Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir (modified continent ileostomy) to restore continence after colon and rectum removalIPG642
Electrically stimulated intravesical chemotherapy for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancerIPG638
Laparoscopic cerclage for cervical incompetence to prevent late miscarriage or preterm birthIPG639
Percutaneous venoplasty for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in multiple sclerosisIPG640
Platelet-rich plasma injections for knee osteoarthritisIPG637
Ex-situ machine perfusion for extracorporeal preservation of livers for transplantationIPG636
Transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation for oropharyngeal dysphagia in adultsIPG634
Bronchial thermoplasty for severe asthmaIPG635
Transcranial MRI-guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy for neuropathic painIPG632
Percutaneous insertion of a temporary heart pump for left ventricular haemodynamic support in high-risk percutaneous coronary interventionsIPG633

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