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Published guidance, NICE advice and quality standards
TitleReference numberPublishedLast updated
Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for obesityIPG783
Devices for remote monitoring of Parkinson's diseaseDG51
Pharyngeal electrical stimulation for neurogenic dysphagiaIPG781
Temperature control to improve neurological outcomes after cardiac arrestIPG782
Artificial intelligence (AI)-derived software to help clinical decision making in strokeDG57
Sebelipase alfa for treating Wolman diseaseHST30
Intravascular lithotripsy for calcified arteries in peripheral arterial diseaseIPG780
Middle meningeal artery embolisation for chronic subdural haematomasIPG779
Velmanase alfa for treating alpha-mannosidosisHST29
Percutaneous thrombectomy for intermediate-risk or high-risk pulmonary embolismIPG778

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