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Title Reference number Published Last updated
CFHealthHub for managing cystic fibrosis during the COVID-19 pandemic Reference number:MIB219 MIB00219 Published:10 July 2020 20200710 Last updated:10 July 2020 20200710
MolecuLight i:X for wound imaging Reference number:MIB212 MIB00212 Published:18 June 2020 20200618 Last updated:18 June 2020 20200618
Actim Pancreatitis for diagnosing acute pancreatitis Reference number:MIB218 MIB00218 Published:18 June 2020 20200618 Last updated:18 June 2020 20200618
FibroScan for assessing liver fibrosis and cirrhosis in primary care Reference number:MIB216 MIB00216 Published:16 June 2020 20200616 Last updated:16 June 2020 20200616
Archimedes for biopsy of suspected lung cancer Reference number:MIB211 MIB00211 Published:11 June 2020 20200611 Last updated:11 June 2020 20200611
Cytokine adsorption devices for treating respiratory failure in people with COVID-19 Reference number:MIB217 MIB00217 Published:21 May 2020 20200521 Last updated:21 May 2020 20200521
Space from Depression for treating adults with depression Reference number:MIB215 MIB00215 Published:07 May 2020 20200507 Last updated:07 May 2020 20200507
Lifelight First for monitoring vital signs Reference number:MIB213 MIB00213 Published:08 April 2020 20200408 Last updated:08 April 2020 20200408
myCOPD for self-management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Reference number:MIB214 MIB00214 Published:01 April 2020 20200401 Last updated:01 April 2020 20200401
Artificial intelligence for analysing CT brain scans Reference number:MIB207 MIB00207 Published:17 March 2020 20200317 Last updated:17 March 2020 20200317