Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Adults who are being asked about their alcohol use have a validated alcohol questionnaire completed to identify any need for a brief intervention or referral to specialist alcohol services. [new 2023]

Statement 2 Adults seeking help for an alcohol-use disorder are given information on, and support to access, community support networks and self-help groups. [new 2023]

Statement 3 Adults accessing specialist alcohol services have a brief triage assessment that includes any treatment needs and associated risks. [new 2023]

Statement 4 Adults in acute alcohol withdrawal in hospital are assessed and monitored following locally specified protocols. [new 2023]

Statement 5 Adults with moderate or severe alcohol dependence are offered psychological and, if appropriate, pharmacological interventions to prevent relapse following a successful unplanned withdrawal in hospital. [2011, updated 2023]

In 2023, this quality standard was updated, and statements prioritised in 2011 were updated (2011, updated 2023) or replaced (new 2023). For more information, see update information.

The previous version of the quality standard for alcohol-use disorders is available as a pdf.