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What are the implications of FH for the safety of a mother during pregnancy and what are the risks of fetal malformations attributable to pharmacological therapies

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There is little information on the outcomes of pregnancy in women with FH. A small number of conflicting studies have suggested a small increase in fetal abnormalities if the mother has taken statins during the first trimester, but there are not sufficient data to provide an accurate estimate of the level of risk. There is also limited information on the risk of pregnancy (including cardiac death) in a woman with FH.

Data on the incidence of cardiac problems in pregnancy and incidence of fetal malformation would inform future recommendations. This could reduce uncertainty for women, and help to identify risks during the pregnancy that could be better managed. The only feasible research method to address these questions is an observational longitudinal study following women with FH and other women (not diagnosed with FH) using statins through their pregnancies using a national register.

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Familial hypercholesterolaemia: identification and management
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August 2008

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