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  1. Laxatives (KTT1)

    The key therapeutic topic laxatives has been retired from the 2016 update of medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics. The version published in 2015 is available here for information but it has not been updated since January 2015. Like all the other key therapeutic topics it is not formal NICE guidance .

  2. Suspected cancer: recognition and referral (NG12)

    This guideline covers identifying children, young people and adults with symptoms that could be caused by cancer. It outlines appropriate investigations in primary care, and selection of people to refer for a specialist opinion. It aims to help people understand what to expect if they have symptoms that may suggest cancer.

  3. Coeliac disease

    Everything NICE has said on recognising, diagnosing and managing coeliac disease in an interactive flowchart

  4. Faecal incontinence in adults: management (CG49)

    This guideline covers assessing and managing faecal incontinence (any involuntary loss of faeces that is a social or hygienic problem) in people aged 18 and over. It aims to ensure that staff are aware that faecal incontinence is a sign or a symptom, not a diagnosis.

  5. Endorsement

    Formally endorses resources produced by external organisations that support the implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards.

  6. Integrated multiplex PCR tests for identifying gastrointestinal pathogens in people with suspected gastroenteritis (xTAG Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel, FilmArray GI Panel and Faecal Pathogens B assay) (DG26)

    Evidence-based recommendations on integrated multiplex polymerase chain tests for identifying gastrointestinal pathogens in suspected gastroenteritis