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  1. NHS urged to tackle antibiotic resistance

    The NHS is being urged to tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance by cutting back on unnecessary use of the drugs.

  2. NICE begins phased restart of non-COVID-19 guidance

    NICE has begun a phased restart of publishing non-COVID-19 guidance as the NHS and wider health and care system start to return to normal arrangements.

  3. More than one thousand neonatal admissions could be avoided per year by following NICE guidance

    Regularly monitoring women who are pregnant with twins or triplets, to spot any possible complications, can lead to better outcomes for mothers and their babies, as highlighted in NICE’s impact report.

  4. Free BNF for children app launches

    Health and social care professionals can now download for free the NICE British National Formulary for children (BNFC) app available for smart phones and tablets.

  5. NICE recommends genetic test to prevent newborn babies going deaf

    A genetic test to establish if a newborn baby is vulnerable to deafness if treated with a commonly used antibiotic has been recommended by NICE in final guidance.