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  1. HealOzone for the treatment of tooth decay (occlusal pit and fissure caries and root caries) (TA92)

    Evidence-based recommendations on HealOzone (ozone-releasing device) for treating tooth decay (occlusal pit/fissure caries/root caries)

  2. Oral health: local authorities and partners (PH55)

    This guideline covers improving oral health by developing and implementing a strategy that meets the needs of people in the local community. It aims to promote and protect people’s oral health by improving their diet and oral hygiene, and by encouraging them to visit the dentist regularly.

  3. Maternal and child nutrition (QS98)

    This quality standard covers improving nutrition for women who are planning to become pregnant, pregnant women, and babies and children under 5 and their mothers and carers. It focuses on low-income and disadvantaged families. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

  4. Oral and dental health

    Everything NICE has said on oral and dental health in an interactive flowchart

  5. Oral health promotion: general dental practice (NG30)

    This guideline covers how general dental practice teams can convey advice about oral hygiene and the use of fluoride. It also covers diet, smoking, smokeless tobacco and alcohol intake.

  6. Oral health for adults in care homes

    Everything NICE has said on maintaining and improving the oral health of adults in care homes in an interactive flowchart

  7. Gastro-oesophageal reflux in children and young people (QS112)

    This quality standard covers managing symptoms of reflux (regurgitation or bringing up feeds) in babies, children and young people (under 18). It also covers diagnosing and managing gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (also called GORD), which is more severe reflux and heartburn. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

  8. Oral health for adults in care homes (NG48)

    This guideline covers oral health, including dental health and daily mouth care, for adults in care homes. The aim is to maintain and improve their oral health and ensure timely access to dental treatment.

  9. Early years: promoting health and wellbeing in under 5s (QS128)

    This quality standard covers services to support the health, and social and emotional wellbeing of children under 5, including vulnerable children who may need extra support. It includes health visitor services, childcare and early years education, and early intervention services in children’s social care. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.