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Feelings of worry or fear that can be difficult to control.


A meeting with a healthcare professional, who will ask questions about a person's physical and mental health to establish what the illness is, how severe it is and what treatments would suit the person best. An assessment may involve a physical examination, tests or a questionnaire.


A person who has regular close contact with the person with antisocial personality disorder and is involved in their care. This could be a family member, guardian, partner or friend.

Carer's assessment

A meeting in which a carer can discuss with social services the help and support they need in their role as a carer. Carers have a legal right to have their needs assessed.


A type of mental health problem that causes a loss of pleasure in things that were once enjoyable, withdrawal from family and friends, negative and self-critical thoughts, and other symptoms, such as feeling tearful, irritable or tired, poor appetite, and sleep problems.

Incentives programme

A psychological treatment for people who have a problem with drugs. The person may be given a voucher (worth a few pounds to be exchanged for items that encourage a healthy, drug-free lifestyle) or a privilege (such as a take-home dose of methadone) if they have a negative test showing that they have not used illegal drugs. The person is tested regularly and continues to receive vouchers or privileges for every negative test until they have reached their goal.

Mental health services

A group of professionals or a healthcare service that includes nurses who may visit people in their own homes, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and support workers.

Offending behaviour

Behaviour that leads to breaking the law and often a criminal conviction.

Psychological treatment

A general term used to describe meeting with a healthcare professional to talk about feelings and moods.


A serious form of personality disorder.

Severe personality disorder

A serious form of personality disorder, sometimes called 'dangerous and severe personality disorder'.