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This indicator covers the percentage of patients aged 50 or over and who have not attained the age of 75, with a record of a fragility fracture on or after 1 April 2012, in whom osteoporosis is confirmed on DXA scan, who are currently treated with an appropriate bone-sparing agent. It measures outcomes that reflect the quality of care or processes linked by evidence to improved outcomes.

Last reviewed: August 2019

Next review: August 2026

This indicator will be reviewed using the assessment criteria in Appendix B of the NICE indicators process guide when it reaches its review date or the underlying guidance is updated.

This indicator was previously published as NM30.

How to use NICE indicators and how we develop them

Indicators can be used in a number of different settings to support high quality care. These include:

  • identifying where improvements are needed
  • setting priorities for quality improvement and support
  • creating local performance dashboards
  • benchmarking performance against national data
  • supporting local quality improvement schemes
  • showing progress that local health systems are making on outcomes.

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