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Supporting the evaluation of digital health technologies in Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Health needs to ensure that digital health technologies adopted by the Spanish National Health Service are clinically safe, effective and offer value to the taxpayer. Find out how NICE International has helped them to do this.

  • 25 years of helping to get the best care to people fast

    As NICE celebrates its 25th anniversary, we look back on its journey from its humble beginnings in 1999. We explore NICE's role and the wide-ranging impact it has had on health and care. And we provide a summary of the organisational changes NICE is making to ensure it continues to add value to an evolving health and care system.

  • Supporting health technology assessment in Ecuador and Peru

    In this case study, we explore NICE International's collaboration with Ecuador and Peru. This partnership, supported by the UK Department of Business and Trade, focuses on the ongoing establishment of health technology evaluation.

  • Delivering guidance to the NHS at an unprecedented rate

    In August 2023, we produced guidance, at a faster rate than ever before, on a new medicine for a rare condition. In this case study, we show how we were able to produce guidance so swiftly to ensure a promising medicine reached patients fast.


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