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Post-traumatic stress disorder (NG116)

This guideline covers recognising, assessing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children, young people and adults. It aims to improve quality of life by reducing symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety, sleep problems and difficulties with concentration. Recommendations also aim to raise awareness of the condition and improve coordination of care.

NICE guideline Published December 2018

Common mental health problems: identification and pathways to care (CG123)

This guideline covers care for people aged 18 and over with common mental health problems, with a focus on primary care. It aims to improve access to services for adults and how mental health problems are identified and assessed, and makes recommendations on local care pathways.

Clinical guideline Published May 2011

Antenatal and postnatal mental health: clinical management and service guidance (CG192)

This guideline covers recognising, assessing and treating mental health problems in women who are planning to have a baby, are pregnant, or have had a baby or been pregnant in the past year. It covers depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, drug- and alcohol-use disorders and severe mental illness (such as psychosis, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia). It promotes early detection and good management of mental health problems to improve women’s quality of life during pregnancy and in the year after giving birth.

Clinical guideline Published December 2014 Last updated February 2020

Common mental health disorders in primary care

Everything NICE has said on identifying and managing common mental health disorders in adults in primary care in an interactive flowchart

NICE Pathway Published November 2013 Last updated December 2018

Therapy offered within one month to prevent PTSD, says NICE

People who have suffered trauma and are at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) should be offered therapy within one month, NICE says in new draft guidance.

News Published June 2018 Last updated June 2018