Support a quality standard

Supporting organisations play an essential role in helping us promote quality standards.

By supporting a quality standard, you help to:

  • promote the national vision for health and social care
  • show your commitment to quality improvement
  • raise awareness
  • help us make sure that quality standards are used in practice and continue to be relevant.

What's involved?

Supporting organisations play an essential role in helping us promote quality standards.

If you become a supporting organisation, we will ask you to:

  • include a link to the quality standard on your website
  • promote and encourage use of the quality standard through your networks.

Your organisation's name will be added to the quality standard page on our website.

We can support you with:

  • presentations for conferences and speaking engagements
  • articles or features for publication
  • examples of using the standards for quality improvement
  • submissions to our collection of local practice examples.

We chose to support the quality standard to ensure we represented the voice of people with lung disease.

We promote the quality standards through our social media pages and in our work to advise and engage with CCGs on best practice.

We believe supporting quality standards strengthens our work as a charity with expertise and medical research at its heart.

Steven Wibberley, chief operating officer, British Lung Foundation

Who is eligible?

We're looking for national organisations representing:

  • commissioners or providers of care described in the quality standard
  • professionals and practitioners who provide the care described in the quality standard
  • people whose care is covered by the quality standard (for example user, patient, carer, charity and other non-governmental organisations).

How can I get involved?

You can express interest in supporting a quality standard at any time during its development and after publication. You will only be asked to offer formal support after you’ve had the chance to review the final document.

Contact us by email at

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