Title Consultation period
Radiofrequency ablation for symptomatic interdigital (Morton's) neuroma: consultation 20150828
Transapical transcatheter mitral valve-in-valve implantation for a failed surgically implanted mitral valve bioprosthesis in patients for whom open surgical valve implantation is unsuitable: consultation 20150828
Abdominal aortic aneurysm: the scope 20150825
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in children and young people: quality standard consultation 20150821
Myeloma: draft guideline consultation 20150819
Obesity in Adults - prevention and lifestyle weight management programmes: quality standard consultation 20150817
Obesity - clinical assessment and management: topic engagement 20150814
Intrapartum care for high risk women: scoping workshop, consultation and final scope 20150813
Community engagement (update): draft guideline consultation 20150812
Care and support of older people with learning disabilities: consultation on the draft scope 20150811
Drug misuse prevention: call for evidence 20150810
Fractures: draft guideline consultation 20150807
Complex fractures: draft guideline consultation 20150807
Major trauma services: draft guideline consultation 20150807
Major trauma: draft guideline consultation 20150807
Spinal injury assessment: draft guideline consultation 20150807
Pneumonia: quality standard consultation 20150807
Venous thromboembolic diseases - management (Standing Committee B update): addendum consultation 20150807
Diabetes in pregnancy: quality standard consultation 20150807
Headaches (Standing Committee B update): addendum consultation 20150803
Care of the dying adult: draft guideline consultation 20150729
Service model for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour: consultation on the draft scope 20150715
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