Title Consultation period
Bipolar disorder in adults: quality standard consultation 20150227
Dyspepsia: quality standard consultation 20150227
Cataracts: scope consultation 20150225
Organ rejection (liver transplantation, prevention) - everolimus: appraisal consultation 20150225
CG107 Hypertension in pregnancy: surveillance review proposal 20150224
Venous Thromboembolism - Reducing the risk: addendum consultation 20150224
Macular oedema (diabetic) - aflibercept [ID717]: appraisal consultation 20150220
Living-donor liver transplantation: consultation 20150220
Cyanoacrylate embolisation of refluxing great saphenous veins for varicose veins: consultation 20150220
Transcutaneous cranial electrical stimulation for insomnia, depression or anxiety: consultation 20150220
Macular oedema (diabetic) - dexamethasone intravitreal implant [ID653]: appraisal consultation 20150220
Rifaximin for preventing episodes of overt hepatic encephalopathy: final appraisal determination 20150219
Antimicrobial Stewardship: guideline consultation 20150218
Atrial fibrillation: quality standard consultation 20150213
Smoking - harm reduction: quality standard consultation 20150205
Lower urinary tract symptoms (update SC): addendum consultation 20150203
Eating disorders (update): scope consultation 20150202
Melanoma: guideline consultation 20150130
Asthma - diagnosis and monitoring: guideline consultation 20150128
Diabetic foot problems: guideline consultation 20150107
Type 2 Diabetes: guideline consultation 20150107
Diabetes in children and young people: guideline consultation 20141210
Type 1 Diabetes (update): guideline consultation 20141210
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