Title Consultation period
Insertion of an epiretinal prosthesis for retinitis pigmentosa: consultation 20141219
Virtual Touch Quantification to diagnose and monitor liver fibrosis: consultation 20141217
Diagnosing prostate cancer - PROGENSA PCA3 assay and Prostate Health Index: consultation 20141217
Bipolar disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people: topic engagement exercise 20141215
Prostate cancer (hormone relapsed, bone metastases) - radium-223 dichloride [ID576]: appraisal consultation 2 20141215
Pressure ulcers: quality standard consultation 20141212
Preventing unintentional injury: topic engagement exercise 20141210
Diabetes in children and young people: guideline consultation 20141210
Type 1 Diabetes (update): guideline consultation 20141210
Psoriatic arthritis (active) - ustekinumab (Rapid Rev TA313): appraisal consultation 20141209
Leukaemia (chronic lymphocytic) - obinutuzumab (with chlorambucil, 1st line) [ID650]: appraisal consultation 2 20141202
Mental health in-patient settings: scope consultation 20141201
Depression in children and young people (update): addendum consultation 20141124
Personality disorders (borderline and antisocial): quality standard consultation 20141121
Osteoarthritis: quality stardard consultation 20141121
Suspected cancer (update): guideline consultation 20141120
Violence and aggression (update): guideline consultation 20141119
Anaemia management in chronic kidney disease (update): guideline consultation 20141117
Bronchiolitis in children: guideline consultation 20141117
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