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Guidance, NICE advice and quality standards in development
TitleTypeExpected publication date
Digital supported self-management technologies for adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: early value assessmentHealth technology evaluation
Digital technologies to deliver pulmonary rehabilitation programmes for adults with COPD: early value assessmentHealth technology evaluation
Digitally enabled therapy for chronic tic disorders and Tourette SyndromeMedical technologies guidance
GID-MT557 Novii Wireless Patch System for maternal and fetal monitoring (MT509)Medical technologies guidanceTBC
GID-MT563 NPi-200 for pupillary light reflex in critical care patientsMedical technologies guidanceTBC
GID-MT567 Evoke Spinal Cord Stimulator for managing chronic neuropathic or ischaemic painMedical technologies guidanceTBC
Non-invasive skin closure devices for surgical incisions (MT775)Medical technologies guidanceTBC
Peezy Midstream for urine collection (MT446)Medical technologies guidanceTBC
Robot-assisted surgery for orthopaedic procedures: early value assessmentHealth technology evaluationTBC
Robot-assisted surgery for soft-tissue procedures: early value assessmentHealth technology evaluationTBC
SpaceOAR hydrogel spacer for reducing rectal toxicity during radiotherapy for prostate cancer (Suspended – referred to technology appraisals)Medical technologies guidanceTBC
Surgical vessel sealing systems (MT798)Medical technologies guidanceTBC
Zio XT for detecting cardiac arrhythmiasMedical technologies guidanceTBC

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