Non-invasive wound closure devices are single-use technologies used for epidermal skin closure of surgical wounds. These technologies are non-invasive as they use an adhesive at the sides of the wound and then a closure mechanism for holding the edges of the wound together until healing can take place.
Topic suspended until further notice
Status Suspended
Technology type Device
Decision Selected
Reason for decision Anticipate the topic will be of importance to patients, carers, professionals, commissioners and the health of the public to ensure clinical benefit is realised, inequalities in use addressed, and help them make the best use of NHS resources
Process MTG
ID number 775

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Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
28 July 2023 Suspended. Topic suspended until further notice
15 February 2023 In progress. In progress
01 February 2023 Awaiting development. Status change linked to Topic Selection Decision being set to Selected
18 January 2023 Topic selection

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