Information for the public

Questions you could ask

Here are some examples of questions you could ask your GP during an appointment to talk about your treatments and care.

Lifestyle and support

  • These are the things that really bother me about my health and treatments. Can we discuss them please and think about what we might do about them?

  • I don't feel I'm making progress with my health problems. Is there anything else that might help? Or do I need to see a different specialist service?

  • What can I do to stay as independent as possible?

  • Where can I get reliable information about help and support?

  • How can I involve my family in discussions about my care?


  • Do I really have to take all these tablets? Can we look at whether I could stop taking any of them?

  • I'm not sure what some of my medicines do? Can we talk about what they're for and agree whether I need to carry on with them?

  • Can you tell me about preventive medicines? What are they? Am I taking any? If so, are they likely to be helping me? Are there any I could stop? Are there any I should think about starting?

  • Are there any other medicines that might help with my problems?

Decisions about treatments

  • What information do you have to help me make decisions about treatments?

  • Can you explain benefits and risks to me, please? What might they mean for me?

  • Can I stop any treatments if I want to?

  • Can I try changing medicines and change back again if I want to?

  • I'm having some symptoms which I had not expected. For example, I have pain in my joints/muscle cramps/dry eyes/loss of appetite/loss of interest in sex/problems sleeping [or another problem not mentioned here]. Could these be anything to do with my treatments? What can we do about this?

  • I know I need some of my medicines to keep me alive. But I feel so tired all the time and I'm sleeping so much in the day. If I cut back on some of my treatments, would this improve how I feel and by how much? Would it shorten my life and if so, by how much?

Healthcare appointments

  • I'm finding it really difficult to get to all my healthcare appointments. Are there other options such as a 'phone appointment or a Skype call?

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