Appendix E: Criteria for suspending or cancelling an evaluation

Appendix E: Criteria for suspending or cancelling an evaluation



Altered marketing plans or withdrawal

The company decides to delay the introduction of the technology or chooses not to market the technology in the UK.

Adverse events

Adverse events associated with the product may lead to the involvement of the MHRA or the withdrawal or suspension of the marketing authorisation of the product. Adverse events may emerge at any time during the identification and evaluation of the product.

Technology not appropriate for the production of medical technologies guidance

The evidence presented to the committee indicates that, contrary to expectation at the routing stage, the technology is not appropriate for medical technologies guidance. NICE may suspend the development of guidance and refer the technology to another programme for evaluation.

Data for the evaluation not provided according to the agreed schedule

When this is outside NICE's control (for example, a sponsor does not provide the submission on time) NICE will consider suspending the evaluation. This could lead to a delay in issuing the guidance.

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