9 Updating the process guide

9 Updating the process guide

The process guide is subject to the approval of the NICE board and will normally be reviewed 3 years after last publication. It may be necessary to make minor changes to the process of developing medical technologies guidance before that time. Changes to the process guide will be made according to NICE policy. Minor changes that may be made without consultation are those that:

  • do not add or remove a fundamental stage in the process

  • do not add or remove a fundamental methods technique or step

  • do not disadvantage stakeholders

  • improve the efficiency, clarity or fairness of the process or methodology.

Changes meeting these criteria will be published on the NICE website 4 weeks before their implementation. The online version of this guide will also be updated at that time and a note to this effect placed on the overview page.

Any changes considered to be more significant than minor will only be made after a public consultation of 3 months.