Process and methods

7 Publishing medical technologies guidance

7 Publishing medical technologies guidance

After the resolution process, guidance on the technology is published on the NICE website and any relevant healthcare professionals are notified. People and organisations who registered an interest in the technology are informed by email.

The following documents are available on the NICE website when medical technologies guidance is published:

  • medical technology guidance

  • scope

  • assessment report and overview, updated to include any new evidence emerging in the interim

  • sponsor's submission, with confidential information removed

  • evidence from expert advisers and patient and carer organisations

  • anonymised consultation comments and NICE's responses

  • implementation support tools (usually at the same time as the guidance, and within 3 months of publication at the latest)

  • a lay explanation of the recommendations.

If NICE is advised of any potential errors in the guidance or the supporting documents after publication, these are dealt with according to NICE's standard procedures.

7.1 Timeline

Figure 2 shows the timeline of a medical technology that is selected and routed to the committee for evaluation. Unless an alternative timetable is agreed (section 5.1), technologies are normally evaluated in the order in which they are notified. The timings are approximate and may vary in response to individual evaluation needs.

If a technology is routed to another programme it follows the timelines of the subsequent topic selection steps of that programme.

Figure 2 Summary of the evaluation process

Figure 2 Summary of the evaluation process