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All NICE products on carers. Includes any guidance, NICE Pathways and quality standards.

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Supporting adult carers (NG150)

This guideline covers support for adults (aged 18 and over) who provide unpaid care for anyone aged 16 or over with health or social care needs. It aims to improve the lives of carers by helping health and social care practitioners identify people who are caring for someone and give them the right information and support. It covers carers’ assessments, practical, emotional and social support and training, and support for carers providing end of life care.

NICE guideline Published January 2020

Supporting adult carers

Everything NICE has said on supporting adults carers in an interactive flowchart

NICE Pathway Published January 2020

Dementia: assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and their carers (NG97)

This guideline covers diagnosing and managing dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease). It aims to improve care by making recommendations on training staff and helping carers to support people living with dementia.

NICE guideline Published June 2018

Physical activity: for NHS staff, patients and carers (QS84)

This quality standard covers encouraging physical activity in people of all ages who are in contact with the NHS, including staff, patients and carers. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

Quality standard Published March 2015

Supporting carers

How NICE's guidance has impacted on supporting carers of adults with dementia

Published February 2020 Last updated February 2020

Interventional procedures information for patients and carers

doctor. Resources to help you Our guidance for patients and carers We publish a version of our guidance specifically for patients and...

Published September 2017 Last updated September 2017

Care matters – Working together to get support right for adult carers

Dame Philippa Russell, Vice-President of Carers UK and Topic Adviser for the NICE guideline on Supporting Adult Carers

News Published January 2020 Last updated January 2020

Supporting adult carers

In development [GID-QS10128] Expected publication date: 04 December 2020

Quality standard In development

End of life care for infants, children and young people with life-limiting conditions: planning and management (NG61)

This guideline covers the planning and management of end of life and palliative care in for infants, children and young people (aged 0–17 years) with life-limiting conditions. It aims to involve children, young people and their families in decisions about their care, and improve the support that is available to them throughout their lives.

NICE guideline Published December 2016 Last updated July 2019

Child abuse and neglect (NG76)

This guideline covers recognising and responding to abuse and neglect in children and young people aged under 18. It covers physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and neglect. The guideline aims to help anyone whose work brings them into contact with children and young people to spot signs of abuse and neglect and to know how to respond. It also supports practitioners who carry out assessments and provide early help and interventions to children, young people, parents and carers.

NICE guideline Published October 2017

Children's attachment: attachment in children and young people who are adopted from care, in care or at high risk of going into care (NG26)

This guideline covers the identification, assessment and treatment of attachment difficulties in children and young people up to age 18 who are adopted from care, in special guardianship, looked after by local authorities in foster homes (including kinship foster care), residential settings and other accommodation, or on the edge of care. It aims to address the many emotional and psychological needs of children and young people in these situations, including those resulting from maltreatment.

NICE guideline Published November 2015

Bedwetting in under 19s (CG111)

This guideline covers assessing and treating bedwetting in people aged under 19. It aims to reduce bedwetting and the distress this causes by explaining what to ask in an assessment, what advice to provide, and which treatments are effective.

Clinical guideline Published October 2010

Improving supportive and palliative care for adults with cancer (CSG4)

This guideline covers best practice in developing and delivering cancer services for adults. It aims to ensure that people with cancer, and their families and carers, are well informed, cared for and supported from before formal diagnosis onward.

Cancer service guideline Published March 2004

Transition between inpatient mental health settings and community or care home settings (NG53)

This guideline covers the period before, during and after a person is admitted to, and discharged from, a mental health hospital. It aims to help people who use mental health services, and their families and carers, to have a better experience of transition by improving the way it’s planned and carried out.

NICE guideline Published August 2016