The NICE clinical guidance on supportive and palliative care (CSG) advises those who develop and deliver cancer services for adults with cancer about what is needed to make sure that patients, and their families and carers, are well informed, cared for and supported.

The key recommendations are:

  • People affected by cancer should be involved in developing cancer services
  • There should be good communication, and people affected by cancer should be involved in decision making
  • Information should be available free of charge
  • People affected by cancer should be offered a range of physical, emotional, spiritual and social support
  • There should be services to help people living with the after-effects of cancer manage these for themselves
  • People with advanced cancer should have access to a range of services to improve their quality of life
  • There should be support for people dying from cancer
  • The needs of family and other carers of people with cancer should be met
  • There should be a trained workforce to provide services

Review decision date: June 2014

Review decision: The Improving supportive and palliative care for adults with cancer guideline should not undergo a surveillance review at this point. Please refer to the surveillance review decision for further information.

Next review date: To be confirmed on publication of related guidance

In February 2009 NICE published guidance on advanced breast cancer that complements the cancer service guidance.