Review decision: 

PH3 Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and under 18 conceptions is to be updated

Next review date: TBC

NICE recommendations include the following advice:

  • Assess people’s risk of having a sexually transmitted infection (STI), when the opportunity arises. For example, this could happen when someone attends for contraception, or to register as a new patient.
  • Offer advice to people at high risk of an STI in a structured discussion, or arrange for them to see someone who is trained to give this type of advice. The discussion should cover ways to help people reduce the risks.
  • Help people with an STI to get their partners tested and treated. This might involve referring the person to a specialist. People with STIs and their partners should receive information about the infection they have.

Primary care trusts (PCTs) should make sure there are enough sexual health services locally and enough staff trained to run them.

This guidance was previously called prevention of sexually transmitted infections and under 18 conceptions.

It is for professionals who are responsible for, or who work in, sexual health services. This includes general practitioners and professionals working in  contraceptive services, genitourinary medicine and school clinics.