Prescribing data, metrics or supporting resources

Prescribing data, metrics or supporting resources

The selection of metrics to support key therapeutic topics is overseen by the NHS England Medicines Optimisation Intelligence Group, and work is ongoing in this area. At this point, the following metrics and prescribing data have been identified by this group to support this topic.

Two medicines optimisation key therapeutic topic (MO KTT) prescribing comparators are available:


  • NSAIDs: Ibuprofen & naproxen % items.

The prescribing of diclofenac has reduced in recent years. In the year from April 2016 to March 2017 diclofenac accounted for approximately 900,000 prescription items (6.6% of all NSAID items) in primary care in England, but there is still variation in prescribing across localities.

The Medicines optimisation dashboard, which brings together a range of medicines-related metrics from across sectors, includes the NSAIDs: ibuprofen & naproxen % items prescribing comparator outlined above. The medicines optimisation dashboard helps NHS organisations to understand how well their local populations are being supported to optimise medicines use and inform local planning. The dashboard allows NHS organisations to highlight variation in local practice and provoke discussion on the appropriateness of local care. It is not intended as a performance measurement tool and there are no targets.