Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Adults presenting in primary care with symptoms of depression are offered a referral for a specialist mental health assessment if they have experienced overactivity or disinhibited behaviour lasting 4 days or more.

Statement 2 Adults with bipolar disorder have their early warning symptoms and triggers of relapse, preferred response during relapse and personal recovery goals specified in their care plan.

Statement 3 Carers of adults with bipolar disorder are involved in care planning, decision making and information sharing about the person as agreed in the care plan.

Statement 4 (developmental) Adults with bipolar disorder are offered psychological interventions.

Statement 5 Adults with bipolar disorder prescribed lithium have their dosage adjusted if their plasma lithium levels are outside the optimum range.

Statement 6 This statement has been removed and is replaced by statement 1: valproate in NICE's quality standard on antenatal and postnatal mental health.

Statement 7 Adults with bipolar disorder have a physical health assessment at least annually.

Statement 8 Adults with bipolar disorder who currently work, and those who wish to find or return to work, receive supported employment programmes.