2 Notes on the scope of the guidance

2 Notes on the scope of the guidance

NICE guidelines are developed in accordance with a scope that defines what the guideline will and will not cover. The scope of this guideline is available – click on 'How this guidance was produced'.

The Department of Health asked NICE:

'To prepare a clinical guideline on the diagnosis, prevention and management of delirium.'

Groups that will be covered:

  • Adults (18 years and older) in hospital.

  • Adults (18 years and older) in long-term residential care.

Groups that will not be covered:

  • Children and young people (younger than 18 years).

  • People receiving end-of-life care.

  • People with intoxication and/or withdrawing from drugs or alcohol, and people with delirium associated with these states.

How this guideline was developed

NICE commissioned the National Clinical Guideline Centre (NCGC) to develop this guideline. The Centre established a guideline development group (see appendix A), which reviewed the evidence and developed the recommendations. An independent Guideline Review Panel oversaw the development of the guideline (see appendix B).

There is more information about how NICE clinical guidelines are developed on the NICE website. A booklet, 'How NICE clinical guidelines are developed: an overview for stakeholders, the public and the NHS' is available.

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