New pharmaceutical treatments for non-Alzheimer dementias
Status Suspended
Decision Selected
Process MTA
Referral date 01 March 2003
Topic area
  • Central nervous system
  • Mental health and behavioural conditions
  • Therapeutic procedures

Provisional Schedule

Information meeting with consultees: 25 March 2004
Closing date for invited submissions / evidence submission: 03 June 2004
Final scope published: February 2004
1st appraisal committee meeting: 01 January 2100
2nd appraisal committee meeting: 25 January 2005

Project Team

Assessment Group / Evidence Review Group: Southampton Health Technology Assessment Centre (SHTAC), University of Southampton
Communications manager: Phil Ranson
Executive Lead: Andrew Dillon
Project manager: Alana Miller
Technical Lead: Alastair Fischer


Manufacturers / Sponsors Eisai Ltd
  Shire Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Others Bath and North East Somerset PCT
  Department of Health
  North Tees PCT
  Welsh Assembly Government
Patient / Carer Groups Age Concern Cymru
  Age Concern England
  Alzheimer's Society
  Carers UK
  Carers Wales
  CJD Support Network
  Counsel and Care for the Elderly
  Dementia Care Trust
  Different Strokes
  Help the Aged
  Huntington's Disease Association
  Mental Health Foundation
  Network of Self Help HIV & Aids Groups
  Neurological Alliance
  Parkinson's Disease Society
  Pick's Disease Support Group
  Stroke Association
  Terence Higgins Trust
  UK Coalition of People Living With HIV and AIDS
Professional Groups British Association of Neurologists
  British Association of Stroke Physicians
  British Geriatrics Society
  British Neuropsychiatry Association
  For Dementia
  Royal College of General Practitioners
  Royal College of Nursing
  Royal College of Physicians
  Royal College of Psychiatrists
  Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Assessment Team None
Associated Guideline Groups None
Associated Public Health Groups None
Comparator Manufacturers None
General British Medical Association
  British National Formulary
  National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions
  National Public Health Service for Wales
  NHS Confederation
  NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency
  NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
Research Groups Alzheimer's Research Trust
  British Stroke Research Group
  Cochrane Stroke Group
  Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit
  Dementia Research Group and Department of Old Age Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry
  Institute for Ageing and Health
  Institute of Neurology
  Research Institute for the Care of the Elderly


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
10 February 2004 Date of Information Meeting for Consultees added.
12 March 2004 Expected date of issue amended to May 2005.
11 June 2004 This appraisal has now been halted following confirmation received by the Institute from the manufacturers that they have withdrawn the application to extend the license of donepezil within the European Union to include the treatment of vascular dementia while further data is obtained. The Institute will continue to monitor the progress of marketing authorisation of interventions for non-Alzheimer dementia and will contact consultees and commentators at such time as may be appropriate to resume the appraisal.

For further information on our processes and methods, please see our CHTE processes and methods manual