Proposals for exceptional review of fetal monitoring recommendations in CG190


In response to stakeholder concerns and implementation feedback, NICE will review guidance on fetal monitoring provided in CG190 Intrapartum Care for Healthy Women and Babies, published December 2014.  This review will be carried out as a discrete project within the ongoing project to produce a guideline on ‘Intrapartum Care for High Risk Women.’  The evidence on fetal monitoring will be reviewed by the obstetric committee for this project, augmented by co-opted members and advised by expert witnesses as necessary.


The purpose of this document is to set out which review questions from CG190 it is proposed to rerun as part of this review, and consequently which recommendations in CG190 may be subject to change through this work and which will not. For some areas of the current guideline, it is proposed to ask a new review question or to make explicit a review question which was addressed in CG190 but not stated explicitly.  Where this is case the review question is marked DRAFT.


To comment on NICE’s proposals, please:


  1. add the name of your organisation below where indicated, or your own name if commenting as an individual
  2. consider the tables below which set out the review questions and recommendations on fetal monitoring from CG190 and NICE’s proposals
  3. add any comments you have in the comments box at the end of each table
  4. send this document with your comments added to by 5pm on 26th April 2016.


In any comments you submit, please make sure to indicate clearly whether you agree or disagree with the proposal in question, and provide reasons for this.


Once the consultation has closed, NICE will consider all comments submitted, and finalise its plans accordingly, publishing a table of responses to all comments received with a document setting out the final position.


This page was last updated: 05 April 2016