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The consultation closes on 10 May 2019 at 5pm

How to comment

1. Register your organisation

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2. Read the consultation documents

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The evidence

Other information about the consultation

3. Add your comments

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Specific questions:

  • For the guideline:
    • Are there any recommendations that will be a significant change to practice or will be difficult to implement? If so, please give reasons why.
    • What are the key issues or learning points for professional groups?
    • With regard to section 1.2 (table 1 and 2), is 7 days an appropriate duration of antibiotic treatment, with a footnote to explain that a longer course of up to a further 7 days may be needed based on clinical assessment?

Make sure you consider:

  • The areas that will have the biggest impact on practice and be challenging to implement
  • How to help users overcome challenges

Developing NICE guidelines: how to get involved suggests some other areas to comment on.

4. Email the form to us


Deadline: 10 May 2019 at 5pm

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