Resource impact summary report

The guideline covers vaccine uptake for everyone who is eligible for vaccines that are provided on the NHS routine UK immunisation schedule, apart from flu vaccination, which is covered by NICE’s guideline on flu vaccination.

Most of the recommendations in the guideline reinforce best practice and do not need any additional resources to implement. However, some of the guideline areas and recommendations may represent a change to current local practice. Where a change is required to current practice, this may require additional resources to implement, which may be significant at a local level. Benefits derived from the change in practice will help mitigate any additional costs. Stakeholders noted that where the additional resources are required and where the benefits may be realised may take place across different settings within the integrated care system. This may require adjustments to funding allocations within the system.

Depending on current local practice, recommendations/areas which may require additional resources and result in additional costs include:

  • Improving audit and feedback including ongoing evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine initiatives
  • Recording vaccination offers and administration
  • Reminders and escalation of contact
  • People who are not registered with a GP practice.

Implementing the guideline may:

  • Increase the uptake of vaccinations in England
  • Reduce the number and severity of outbreaks of diseases which are vaccinated against
  • Improve record keeping and consistency of information held across different organisations
  • Improve engagement with the healthcare system for people who are not registered with a GP practice.

These benefits will also provide some savings to offset some of the potential costs identified above.

Vaccination services are commissioned by NHS England, integrated care systems and local authorities. Providers are NHS hospital trusts, community providers, mental health trusts, primary care providers, schools, and prisons.

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