NICE has checked the need to update the following guidelines:

Each guideline will be having a separate stakeholder consultation on the proposal to not update the guideline.

Registered stakeholders for the guideline are invited to comment on the provisional decision via this website. Stakeholders may comment on the proposals for either or both of the guidelines, according to their knowledge and expertise of the topic areas.

If you’re commenting for an organisation, your organisation needs to be registered as a stakeholder.

Not eligible? Contact the registered stakeholder organisation  that most closely represents your interests and pass your comments to them.

We can accept comments from individuals. These will be considered, but you won’t get a formal response and they won’t be posted on the NICE website. Wherever possible we encourage you to submit your comments through a registered stakeholder organisation.

Note that the provisional review decision presented here does not constitute NICE's formal decision on this guideline. The decision is provisional and may change after consultation.

Consultation dates: 9am, Wednesday 23 January 2019 to 5pm, Tuesday 5 February 2019 

Consultation documents:

How to submit your comments:

Please provide all responses to the review proposal document using the comments form (ensuring all relevant fields are completed, including your organisation’s full name) and forward this by email before 5pm on Tuesday, 5 February 2019 to the following email address: 

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