Appendix E: supporting documents

Appendix E: supporting documents

Supporting documents are available. These include the following.

  • Reviews of effectiveness

    • Review 1: 'A review of the effectiveness of interventions, approaches and models at individual, community and population level that are aimed at changing health outcomes through changing knowledge, attitudes or behaviour'

    • Review 2: 'Review of the effectiveness of road-safety and pro-environmental interventions'

    • Review 3: 'Resilience, coping and salutogenic approaches to maintaining and generating health: a review'

    • Review 4: 'A review of the use of the health belief model (HBM), the theory of reasoned action (TRA), the theory of planned behaviour (TPB), and the trans-theoretical model (TTM) to study and predict health-related behaviour change'

    • Review 5: 'The influence of social and cultural context on the effectiveness of health behaviour change interventions in relation to diet, exercise and smoking cessation'

    • Review 6: 'Social Marketing: a review'.

  • Expert report

    • 'Evidence for the effect on inequalities in health of interventions designed to change behaviour'.

  • Evidence briefings and other reviews and toolkits published by the former Health Development Agency

  • Economic analysis:

    • 'The cost-effectiveness of behaviour change interventions designed to reduce coronary heart disease: a thorough review of existing literature'

    • 'The cost-effectiveness of population level interventions to lower cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease: extrapolation and modelling results on promoting healthy eating habits from Norway to the UK'.