List of statements

List of statements

Statement 1. In-utero and postnatal transfers for neonatal special, high-dependency, intensive and surgical care follow perinatal network guidelines and care pathways that are integrated with other maternity and newborn network guidelines and pathways.

Statement 2. Networks, commissioners and providers of specialist neonatal care undertake an annual needs assessment and ensure each network has adequate capacity.

Statement 3. Specialist neonatal services have a sufficient, skilled and competent multidisciplinary workforce.

Statement 4. Neonatal transfer services provide babies with safe and efficient transfers to and from specialist neonatal care.

Statement 5. Parents of babies receiving specialist neonatal care are encouraged and supported to be involved in planning and providing care for their baby, and regular communication with clinical staff occurs throughout the care pathway.

Statement 6. Mothers of babies receiving specialist neonatal care are supported to start and continue breastfeeding, including being supported to express milk.

Statement 7. Babies receiving specialist neonatal care have their health and social care plans coordinated to help ensure a safe and effective transition from hospital to community care.

Statement 8. Providers of specialist neonatal services maintain accurate and complete data, and actively participate in national clinical audits and applicable research programmes.

Statement 9. Babies receiving specialist neonatal care have their health outcomes monitored.

In addition, quality standards that should also be considered when commissioning and providing a high-quality neonatal service are listed in related NICE quality standards.