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This research should be developed in collaboration (or co-produced) with those likely to use or be offered the interventions studied, that is, line managers and employees. More UK intervention studies are needed with line managers in a range of organisations to answer the following questions:
- What is the effect of including criteria on positive leadership style (associated with employee health and wellbeing) in line manager selection?
- What is the effect of different leadership styles on employee health and wellbeing?
- What is the effect of training line managers in positive leadership behaviours?
- What is the role of the organisational culture and context in supporting line managers and, in turn, their employees?
- What is the effect of changes to job design and working practices (such as introducing more employee autonomy and control)?
- What is the effect of intervention length (such as training of line managers) and the gradual change in intervention effect? Such studies would help in economic modelling and in assessing the length of time over which the cost of interventions should be discounted in economic analyses.
- What is the role of occupational health, human resources and health and safety advisers in supporting line managers in promoting workplace health and wellbeing?
- How might these functions work effectively, both together and separately, to improve health and wellbeing at work?

- What are the barriers and facilitators to implementing interventions or policies to promote the role of line managers in improving employee health and wellbeing?

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Workplace health: management practices
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June 2015

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