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Components of a mental capacity assessment:- What are the components of an effective assessment of mental capacity to make a decision (for example checklists, memory aids or standardised documentation)?

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Why this is important:- Although the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice provides some fundamental guidance on conducting and recording capacity assessments, there is a lack of clarity about the way in which practitioners actually conduct assessments of capacity to make a decision and how the process and outcomes of these assessments are being recorded. The guideline committee reviewed the small amount of available evidence suggesting that practice may be improved through the use of
standardised forms. However, these studies tended to be poorly designed – for example, relying on audit data.
There is a need for high-quality research that explores in detail how to conduct an effective capacity assessment. This could include studies comparing one-off capacity assessments with multiple assessments, and comparative studies evaluating whether certain approaches or tools are appropriate.

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Decision-making and mental capacity
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October 2018

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Last Reviewed 31/10/2018