NICE guidelines are evidence-based recommendations for health and care in England and Wales.

They help health and social care professionals to prevent ill health, promote good health and improve the quality of care and services.

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How we develop our guidelines

We work with health and care professionals, people who use services and carers to draft our recommendations. Find out how we choose our topics, draft and publish our guidelines.

Making decisions using our guidelines

Our guidelines can help you make decisions around prescribing medicines, what treatments to recommend and the promotion of safeguarding.

Shared decision making

Our guidelines support shared decision making between healthcare professionals and people receiving care and treatment.

Using our guidance in Wales

All our guidelines and quality standards are also available to use in Wales. Except for technology appraisal guidance, their use is not mandatory.

Prioritising our guidance topics

We need to prioritise areas of guidance development and delivery that will have the greatest impact on the health and care system. To do this we're developing a new centralised approach.

How to get involved

You can help draft our guidelines by registering as a stakeholder or joining a guideline committee.