NICE guidelines are evidence-based recommendations for health and care in England.

They set out the care and services suitable for most people with a specific condition or need, and people in particular circumstances or settings.

Our guidelines help health and social care professionals to:

  • prevent ill health
  • promote and protect good health
  • improve the quality of care and services
  • adapt and provide health and social care services.

All our guidance applies to Wales too. You can find out more on the Welsh Government website.

Find NICE guidelines

Guideline types

  • clinical
  • social care
  • public health
  • medicines practice
  • cancer services
  • antimicrobial prescribing.

How we develop our guidelines

  • choosing topics
  • the timeline of the process
  • guidelines development manual.

Making decisions using our guidelines

  • using recommendations
  • prescribing medicines
  • safeguarding.

How to get involved

  • register as a stakeholder
  • join a guideline committee
  • comment on a draft guideline.

Shared decision making

  • the benefits
  • how we support
  • our collaborations.

Milestone dates (Excel)

  • important dates in the development process
  • links to all guidelines in development.