Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Pregnant women are supported to access antenatal care by 10 weeks of pregnancy. [2012, updated 2023]

Statement 2 Pregnant women have a risk assessment at routine antenatal appointments. [2012, updated 2023]

Statement 3 Pregnant women have coordinated care from a small team of midwives. [2012, updated 2023]

Statement 4 Pregnant women are offered vaccinations at routine antenatal appointments. [new 2023]

Statement 5 Pregnant women and partners who smoke are referred for stop-smoking support and treatment at routine antenatal appointments. [2012, updated 2023]

In 2023 this quality standard was updated, and statements prioritised in 2012 were updated (2012, updated 2023) or replaced (new 2023). For more information, see update information.

The previous version of the quality standard for antenatal care is available as a pdf.