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What happens if there are any concerns?

What happens if there are any concerns?

If your vital signs show that your health might be getting worse, or if a healthcare professional has concerns, the staff should respond according to how serious the problem is. The hospital or ward should have a plan for the response, which should consist of three levels.

  • For a minor problem, the nurse in charge should be told and you should be monitored more often to keep a closer watch on your condition.

  • For a moderate problem, your consultant's team should be called urgently. Healthcare professionals trained in assessing and treating patients whose health has become suddenly worse should be called at the same time.

  • For a serious problem, there should be an emergency call to a critical care team. The team should include a critical care doctor trained in resuscitation.

If the problem is moderate or serious, your healthcare team should review your condition and make the necessary changes to your treatment. They should revise your care plan and consider whether you should be cared for in another unit, such as a critical care area.

Questions you might like to ask your healthcare team

  • Please tell me more about the tests I should have.

  • What do these tests involve?

  • What steps will be taken if my health gets worse?

  • Please tell me why you have decided to offer me this treatment.

  • Please tell me what the treatment will involve.

  • What are my options for taking treatments other than the recommended treatment?