You can now review and comment on this draft guideline. The consultation closes on 15 June 2016 at 5pm

This guideline will update and replace NICE guidelines PH33 and PH34 (both published March 2011). New recommendations are marked as [new 2016] which means that the evidence has been reviewed and the recommendation has been added.

We have not updated recommendations shaded completely in grey and marked [2011]. In recommendations marked [2011, amended 2016] we have made amendments to clarify the language or action and to show where the population groups covered by PH33 and PH34 recommendations have been broadened. These changes are marked with yellow shading, and explanations of the reasons for the changes are given in update information within the draft guideline.How to comment

1. Register your organisation

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2. Read the consultation documents

Documents to comment on:

Other information related to the consultation

3. Add your comments

  • You must use this form. Please read all information at the start of the comments form before completing it.
  • You must declare any links with, or funding from, the tobacco industry

If you share similar views with another organisation, send a joint response.

Make sure you consider:

  • The areas that will have the biggest impact on practice and be challenging to implement, in particular recommendations 1.2.1 and 1.2.3 in the draft guideline.
  • How to help users overcome challenges

Developing NICE guidelines: how to get involved suggests some other areas to comment on.

4. Email the form to us


Deadline: 15 June 2016, 5pm

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