To inform the guidance, a number of public health evidence reviews are being conducted to address the key questions that are set out in the scope.


Further information on this guidance, including the final scope, is available on the NICE website at:


What we need

The Internal Guidelines Development Team in the Public Health and Social Care Centre at NICE would like to receive details of any evidence that relates to the questions outlined in in the box below. We are specifically seeking evidence of local schemes that have been evaluated and that have successfully increased rates of HIV testing, either on a general level or in specific groups. This evidence will support NICE in answering the questions outlined in the Final scope.

Key Questions:

1.    Have you evaluated any local schemes and assessed their impact on uptake of testing (i.e that have successfully increased rates of testing)?

2.    Do you have knowledge of any ‘service evaluation’ reports or other grey literature that evaluate interventions to increase:

a.    uptake of HIV testing

b.    the offer of an HIV test

c.    Staff competency and confidence to offer testing

We are particularly interested in interventions outside of ‘normal practice’, for example, pop-up testing sites, interventions in community pharmacy or on social media.


We are also particularly interested in information promoting equality of opportunity relating to age, disability, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion and belief sexual orientation or socio-economic status; or evidence that is focused on or includes those groups identified as high-risk in the scope.

We would like:

  • information published since 2005
  • unpublished information related to research since 2005, including any ongoing research or commercial information.

Please note that the following material is not eligible for consideration:

  • Promotional material.
  • Unsubstantiated or non-evidence-based assertions of effectiveness.
  • Opinion pieces.
  • Forms with attachments of published material, or hard copy of published material.


Sending information

Send only the details of published information (to include author/s, title, date, journal or publication details, including volume and issue number, and page numbers). Do not send a pdf/Word document or paper copy.

For unpublished information, send:

Highlight any confidential sections (unpublished research or commercially sensitive information) in unpublished information. For more details about this, see our guidelines manual.

Complete this Confidentiality form, including the declaration of any links with, or funding from, the tobacco industry. Email this form to with any relevant information by 12:00 on 11/01/2016.

Send paper copies to:

Rukshana Begum

Project Coordinator – Public Health Guidelines Quality Assurance

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

10 Spring Gardens




We look forward to receiving information and thank you in advance for your help.

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